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Welcome to our discussion about protecting your wealth

Too often, wealth protection conversations focus mostly on life assurance related solutions. Perhaps even to the exclusion of other much cheaper or relevant solutions. Indeed, exploring other options enables our clients to better consider the nature, purposes and costs that drive how they better protect their wealth now and through the years against life and adversity

How might I protect my business wealth from creditors?
How can I protect my family wealth from the taxman if I die (without giving it away first)?
How can I legitimately reduce taxes on my investment portfolio?
It feels like I am worth more dead than alive! What can I do about this?
How do I make sure my children get the education they deserve if I am not around?

The conversation is always different because your wealth, circumstance, priorities and perspective keeps evolving. At Regency our approach is more an exploration and discovery process since these discussions often evolve in real-time too as you re-assess your arrangements and priorities in light of this discussion. Regency can assist our clients to write or revise their Will; help write or expand their business stakeholder agreements; create asset protection trusts and structures; or simply re-organise their investment account operations, banking, and asset ownership structures. Of course, we can also arrange lower-cost life assurance too where needed

It is a good idea here to consider the costs and suitability for your existing protective arrangements. A discussion with Regency is worth your time and effort; even if we simply confirm your current arrangements are effective and cost-efficient…

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