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Welcome to our discussion about international banking.

Many expats in the UK and Europe are wondering what happens to their banking services after 2020, especially if there is ‘no deal’. Just as importantly, what happens if there is a deal? Either way, expats will undoubtedly need to re-think their banking arrangements for both the immediate-term… and the into the coming years too. These days, banking is no longer so simple, judging from the many questions we are asked…

I just need a new bank account. Why do I need Regency’s help to do this?
Do I need a different bank account each country I live or work in?
Each time I move country, my banking is chaotic. Can Regency help me better manage this?
My bank has told me to close my account. What do I do now?
Is there much difference between on-shore and off-shore bank accounts?

Many of our clients are wanting more choices and control over their bank services and how they use these services; particularly the quality and portability of their cross-border arrangements. We have been helping clients for decades to arrange and customise their banking needs through the years. Find out how Regency can assist your banking requirements here…

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