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Welcome to our discussion about organising your Legacy.

If, like so many people, you have not written a Will or you need to update your Will; then likely this is a topic and action you have been putting off for quite some time; perhaps because your life arrangements, variety of assets, or your family obligations are complicated. Or it could simply be that this is not a priority in your life presently. No matter the cause of delay the topic and discussions will almost always be complicated, as illustrated by the questions our clients ask:

How much of a difference is it if my husband and I are nationals of different countries?
Can my ex access my wealth if I died?
How can I reduce or avoid death taxes due because of my citizenship?
Who looks after our kids if we both died together?
How do I protect my children’s inheritance if something happened to me?

Unfortunately, it is a reality that many people only attend to their legacy provisions as a result of witnessing another family’s bereavement challenges. Regency helps its many clients get this sorted properly and appropriately. Our ‘Home Will Writing Service’ is supported by Regency through the discussion and drafting process; and delivered professionally by duly qualified and registered Law Firms. Regency is also able to support tax advice into these legal arrangements where needed too. Talk to Regency here…

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