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Welcome to our discussion about medical and healthcare insurance

Too many people only find out how good your coverage was after making a claim, right? Which might explain the tendency to ‘over-insure’ perhaps. Ironically, this approach can often make little difference – except that you would have spent more than you needed each year. Below, we share some of the more common questions our clients ask:

How do I reduce premium cost without sacrificing peace-of-mind?
Should I shift insurer to save money if I have pre-existing conditions?
How can I find long-term cover that is economical if I am already over 60?
Should I supplement my family coverage if I already have local cover from my employer?
What happens if I do not declare my pre-existing conditions?

At Regency, our approach here is to identify practical premium cost reduction by examining actual client needs and risks. Indeed, many clients secured substantial cost reductions as a result whereas other clients secured enhanced coverage for similar premium.

We might be able to do similar for you too! Certainly, a discussion with Regency would be worth your time and effort; even if the outcome simply confirms your current arrangements are cost-effective and risk-suitable

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