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Welcome to our discussion on portfolio engineering

For many of our clients, their primary goal is the preservation of their capital, followed closely by growth in value. Indeed, many insist they would rather make lower profit than take too much risk in the markets. The real challenge for Regency here is determining and understanding what they truly mean with this statement; and how that might feel and look like through the years to come, as illustrated by some of the questions we are asked by clients:

Is there a way to reduce or avoid taxes on my portfolio?
How soon can I draw income or capital from my account?
To what extent is my portfolio account safeguarded or protected?
Can I self-manage my portfolio if I prefer?
How can I be sure my portfolio will balance risk and profit?

At Regency, we customise each client account and portfolio according to their needs, particularly in terms of how we mitigate risk. Indeed, many clients adopt a cautious and measured approach while we manage their wealth, preferring to avoid riding a roller-coaster. Regency does not handle client money at any time, and all accounts are in the name of the client, where 100% of your capital is usually invested from Day1. Furthermore, client accounts are established and registered in regulated jurisdictions that carry legislative investor protections.

Curious? Find out here how Regency can make a meaningful and valuable difference to how your wealth is managed and protected; and how better performance can be sustained…

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